Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Priest by Sierra Simone

        There is so much hype floating around social media regarding Priest. Between the raving reviews and the scorching negative reviews, I had trouble deciding. Then, I remembered the rule of reviews. The truth is usually in the middle. The synopsis fascinated me and I found the temptation too strong to resist, especially after reading the spoilers in negative reviews. Nothing tempts me more than a review trashing a book by calling it vulgar, distasteful and/or obscene. Upset that that the main characters have foul mouths? Shouts of blasphemy and sacrilege? I am buying that book!

     Father Bell is tortured by his past but he believes in his work as a priest. He loves the church and refuses to give up on his efforts to right wrongs within the organization.  I could feel his pain over his loss, his hope for healing his flock and reforming the Church. I ached for him when his guilt got the best of him and yes, I cheered when he caved to temptation. I also changed my panties.  His struggles felt genuine and the time he took to come to his decisions felt right. His waffling, while frustrating, was necessary due to the consequences either choice would bring.

     Poppy was another matter. I couldn’t connect with her. I am sorry to say that all I felt for her was disdain over her Poor Little Rich Girl pity party. She claims she felt awful for tempting Father Bell but her actions make it impossible to believe.  Maybe it would have been easier to connect with her if we had been giving just a little insight into her thoughts and actions. We were told many things about her but we weren’t shown anything to back up the telling. We are assured several times that she is a brilliant woman in terms of scholarship and profession but none of that transferred to her personal life. Honestly, I was never convinced that she was worthy of the naughty but knightly priest and oh, my screaming O's...he was naughty!

     Overall, the book was good but not great. While I couldn’t put down the book when Father Bell was giving in to temptation or feeling anguish over his past and guilt, I had no trouble putting it down when he started praising Poppy for her good deeds. I felt the priest’s lust (intensely) but I never understood his love.  If you like taboo tales with explicit content and a side of love, this will do the job and do it well. If you want something insanely hot, it doesn't get much hotter than this. The sex scenes in this book had me considering a visit to the nearest Catholic church to find my own Father Bell. If you are looking for something sweet, innocent, chaste or just tame, skip this one.


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