Saturday, November 14, 2015

Hidden Scars by A.M. Meyers

     Hidden Scars is the story of Emma’s efforts to heal from an abusive relationship. The book alternates between the past and present, allowing readers to witness her abuse and gain insight into her emotional state and her struggles to not only leave her abuser but to also survive, learn to thrive and find real love. Her love interest, Nix, is everything she needs but will she allow herself to have him? Can she find a way to let her self be loved and to love in return? Is her past really a thing of the past or is she haunted by more than mere memories? I’m not telling. 

     The author has a very good grasp on how people come to be in abusive relationships and why it is hard for them to leave. She knows how hard it for survivors to not only trust others but to trust their own judgement when it comes to forming new relationships. She also understands exactly how abusers manipulate not only their victims and the people around them. She portrays abuse in a very realistic way. Her understanding of these matters turns a good story into a great story. Her writing allows readers to connect with Emma in a way that allows their heart to break for her, groan when she stumbles, cheer her on when she digs deep to find her strength to fight and fear for her when she is threatened. I look forward to reading more from Meyers as I am sure she is only going to get better. What is that? Is there steam, you ask? YES, yes there is! HEA? Read it and find out for yourself. 


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