Sunday, December 27, 2015

Uncut by Claudia Burgoa

 Uncut is the fourth and final (for now) book inClaudia’s Complicated Series. It can be read as a stand-alone but I strongly urge readers to at least read Unlike Any Other, if not all three previous books in the series, before reading Uncut. Trust me. These aren’t your average romance novels. These are epic love stories and readers cheat themselves and the Decker family by skipping the other books. Yes, I am a bit delusional in my belief that the Deckers really exist and wish to adopt me.

     Much like Unlike Any Other, Uncut delves into a subject I am not experienced with as a person or a reader and when I read the blurb, I was unsure how I felt about tackling this book. That said, Claudia blew my mind with the first book and I knew if any writer could help me understand and enjoy such a book, it would be her. My faith was more than justified.

     Matthew is a “jack of all trades” in business and pleasure and he is master of all. He knows what and who he wants and he is completely comfortable with himself. Tristan grew up in a family and religion that taught him to be ashamed of his desires and to fight them with all he is, even to the point of being alone and unhappy. Thea is the enigma. She guards her secrets and her heart, never letting anyone get close. Three people battling their own demons. Three lonely souls with secrets.  Can they find their way together or is life not meant to be lived in threes?

     What I love about this book is that it drew me in from the start and held my attention all the way through to the end. Evenly paced and gripping throughout, I hated putting this one down to do silly things like clean my house, feed my family or pick up the kids from school.  My heart ached for each character, even when they fucked up. Tristan and Matthew are two men that any woman with an open mind would love to have. Thea, even with her vulnerability, is a pillar of strength.

     I also love how the story was handled. While I have never read a book exactly like this, I have read several books dealing with threesomes and those books treated the relationships as something easy and focused more on the sex than the emotions within the relationship. Claudia didn’t brush over the complexities of this story. Yes, there was off the charts steam but it pushed the story forward instead of being the story. There is nothing easy about Uncut but everything about it is beautiful, including the struggles and heartache each character endures. 

     Each member of the Decker family makes an appearance in Uncut but the focus remains on Matthew, Tristan and Thea. This isn’t one of those books that will use side characters as filler but we do find out how the Decker family is doing and growing. Rather than distracting from the main story to build anticipation, the secondary characters play roles in moving the main story along, which is the way a series about a family or group of friends should be written.

Overall – 5 stars
Steam factor – off the charts
Feels – I laughed. I groaned. I may have thrown a pillow. I cried. I sighed.
HEA – Yeah, I am not telling.